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me and old perverts

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Apr. 3rd, 2008 | 10:43 pm
music: hunting, shooting, fishing - dr. feelgood

I can understand how a 14-year old falls for a lie like "Hi, I'm 14 too and I also like Fall Out Boy, wanna meet? :)" and then goes to meet old, disgusting paedophile who is more like 40 and doesn't like Fall Out Boy at all, and who rapes him/her.
But WHY does the 40-year old paedophile believe ME when I say "Hi, we're two 14-year olds who are super duper horny and we want to fuck you and maybe each other while you watch. Wanna meet? :)"

Why don't old perverts have the same sort of paranoia and internet suspicion as I do when I talk to someone I don't know in a chat room? They, if anyone, should be rather uptight with information on where they live and what their names are seeing that the Swedish government (and very many governments with it) aren't too keen on seeing them pursue their supple underage victims.

So why are they so...stupid= I can't understand it! I mean, I can't say I'm sad about it, but WHY?! Does your instinct of self-preservation go away after you've turned 30 or what?!

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