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me and the boobies

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Apr. 11th, 2008 | 06:56 pm
music: o'malley's bar - nick cave and the bad seed

Jeez. If you can agree on that feminists shouldn't complain over petty details like women being allowed to be topless at public baths, then why can't we just let women SHOW their breasts since it's such a bloody unimportant issue. Why can't we let people do what they want instead of complaining just as much over a petty detail, but with a different approach?

I'm going to be fucking topless the whole summer. If you're not considered naked wearing small pieces of tape over your nipples, then you can't be all that naked going without the tape. And I don't give a shit if my breasts loose their sexual attraction value, in fact that would be nice, I'm only sexual for my own sake and according to me, my boobs are pretty worthless in a bangbang situation. And I don't give a shit if my breasts are the symbol of my femininity, because I'd rather see people seeing me as a person than a sex and if a sex is required, then I'd rather see them look into my brain and my thoughts and opinions to find that womanliness. And I don't give a shit if people think it's inappropriate, becuase heck, my sense of HUMOUR is more offensive than a pair of tits. And I don't give a shit if my breasts aren't "pretty enough", because if I haven't made the brainsbeforebeaty-thing clear by now, we can always play the pie throwing game and I'd say that it's not veyr often you see a genuinely attractive man's torso either.

So stop it. Stop being silly.Sometimes you want a bikini top, sometimes you don't. No touching though, that should be fucking obvious, because I don't touch your knees when you're wearing shorts, do I?
Oh, Sweden, the disappointment. We're supposed to be the most gender liberated country in the world, and yet you're hung up with petty details.

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