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me and the mosh pit

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Apr. 19th, 2008 | 03:18 pm
music: lyla - cocorosie

All of you hardcore super punks can just surrender your macho position, because I've moshed in a former Soviet state while being pregnant. Try to beat that.

The mosh pit itself was actually very nice, one of those where everyone takes care but still feel free to give you a shove or two. No girls though, which surprised me a bit. Everyone seemed surprised to see that I could pack a punch, and did so willingly. When I generously offered a mosh pit acquaintance a beer and he declined by saying "I'm driving", I convinced him by saying "Yeah? Well, I'm pregnant", and then he laughed and drank the whole thing. Go Estonian punks!

If, however, the personnel at the hospital should find my parasite embryo looking like a jigsaw puzzle, I wouldn't be surprised. But hey, I don't want the kid anyway.

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