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me and the abortion

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Apr. 29th, 2008 | 04:26 pm
music: lovestain - josé gonzales

Oh, hell. An abortion is certainly not something I'd wish upon any of my few (but carefully chosen) enemies. Shit. It's a special and scary moment in your life when you're in so much pain, you spontaneously throw up.

It's an even stranger sensation feeling something running out you, something that feels (and is) completely organic. At first, you panic and think "Did I push the pills in deep enough?". But after that, panic takes over completely and you go from "Is that a part of my ovary...?" to "FUCK IT'S THE WHOLE SHEBANG SLIPPING OUT HERE, ISN'T IT?!". Luckily enough, you soon find yourself with a small piece of bloody jelly on a piece of toilet paper, and then you take a deep breath, feel silly and think to yourself that you're lucky it wasn't the whole shebang after all.

Now, my body will flood out all of the period blood it's been missing out, and I myself will eat iron pills like crazy. Thank god I'm not pregnant anymore.

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