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me and the pregnancy

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Apr. 10th, 2008 | 12:04 pm
music: bird - the knife

There's one thing that really pisses me off about being pregnant. Well, besides the fact that you have a tiny parasite in your uterus, that you eat huge amounts of one or tow things (fish and fruit in my case), that you can't stand other foods (bread, chocolate, chicken), that you have to pee all the time and that you become "fat", meaning that you get a more "womanly" body than you usually have so that you suddenly find yourself without any bras that fit.

But the thing I can't stand are the mood swings. And if there's one thing I hate, it's hormonal mood swings, which are very much present when you're possessed by the embryo parasite, because when it's hormonal, what can you do? There's NO REASON WHATSOEVER for me to cry my eyes out or shout obscenities at whoever strikes my un-fancy, and if there was, I would still blame the hormones because I know they're at work. Not to mention the physical effects, morning sickness, headache, feeling faint, the whole package.

I hope you're happy, you little foetus douchebag. Have fun with your older brother in the sewage.

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